Do you enjoy barbecuing for the family? How about lounging under an umbrella with a book or some friends, sun tanning in the summer or overlooking your property? These are all great examples of why Americans enjoy decks.

There are many deck types, sizes and materials to consider, all of which have reasonable considerations to take into account. We have all seen decks that are un-level, steps that are crooked and boards that are bowed. Decks do require upkeep ever couple years but how they are installed greatly changes their appearance and desire for use. Proper flashing, footers, decking height are some of the more major concerns outside of proper upkeep. Understanding why decks are built based on your counties code requirements can really change the type or size you choose. It might cost thousands more to build the same deck in one county than another. If your next project happens to be a deck, being happy when the project is completed isn’t enough, you should be happy years down the road.

Pressure treated decks are not your only option. Have you considered composite decks, TimberTech or Trex decking? If you are ready to have a deck built, our Approved contractors will answer all your questions.

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