I have never hired a contractor before, do you give advice?

Yes, we offer In Home Consultations that provide advice and detailed information regarding your project.

Do I have to pay for the contractor referral?

We do not charge for referrals. We receive operating funds from our contractors who get signed up to our network.

How quickly will I be able to get a Contractor out for an In Home Consultation

We have sent out contractors as quick as one hour. Our standard is within 24 hours.

Will my In Home Consultation money be refunded if I book a job through 9 Hammers?

No, the money covers the trip expense and time of the contractor providing the consultation.

How do you approve contractors?

Each of our 9 Hammers is part of our Leadership Team which plays an active role in evaluating new members. As experienced contractor, we have learned what to look for. We don’t just verify license and insurance, we verify much more but not limited to, classifications, exams and calling personal and business references.

Can I hire the contractor that provides an “In Home Consultation”?

The contractor who meets with you is not for hire. We want to offer an unbiased source of information regarding for you project and inside-the-industry knowledge.

My project is not listed as an option on the project form. What do I do?

Please type the details of your project in the Project Details box found on the project form.

What is more important, price or experience?

We have experience fixing shoddy work of other unlicensed or inexperienced contractors. When this happens it tends to cost the homeowner twice as much. It is common to have price as the top priority, but we strongly recommend you get estimates only from “properly” licensed, insured, honest, reputable contractor that care about quality and customer service. We go to great lengths when evaluating contractors and take each of these characteristics into consideration.

The contractors were excellent, I want to submit my testimony, how do I do that?

Thank you, it is very gratifying when our customers tell us how much they appreciate our service and
quality of contractors. Please visit our testimonies page. We have a form at the bottom for you to fill out.

How quickly will I get a call from a contractor once I fill out the project form?

Our standard for response time is within 24 hours from the time of your request, however, we typically contact contractors within within 1-4 hours. We may contact you if we need more information before determining which contractor is properly licensed to complete your project. Should your project need immediate attention, please call us directly at (540) 308-8440.